Russ Ford

Chief Financial Officer

Meet Russ Ford, the innovative Chief Financial Officer at Lockstep Realty, whose unique journey from the financial advice industry to real estate finance exemplifies a blend of strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit. With over a decade of experience as a financial advisor and running his own independent planning firm, Russ brings a wealth of knowledge and a sharp eye for financial strategy to our team.

Russ’s transition into real estate was serendipitously catalyzed by his early collaboration with Alex Montagano. Their initial partnership, which began while Alex was still an individual realtor, blossomed into a deep professional and personal relationship. As Russ helped Alex navigate the financial landscape for what would eventually become Lockstep Realty, he also discovered the immense potential of real estate investment through personal transactions guided by Alex.

By 2024, the synergistic relationship between Russ and Alex had grown so intertwined and complementary that the decision for Russ to join Lockstep Realty as CFO felt like a natural progression. In closing his own business to support Alex’s expansive vision for Lockstep, Russ embraced a role that perfectly aligned with his expertise as a supporting integrator to visionary entrepreneurship.

In his dual role as CFO and Chief of Staff, Russ not only manages the finances of Lockstep Realty but also plays a pivotal role in strategic planning and project management. He is instrumental in ensuring that investments are prudently managed and aligned with the company’s mission to empower realtors to excel within the industry and help their clients achieve their dreams. His leadership extends to overseeing Alex’s substantial portfolio of investment properties, ensuring each project is optimized for growth and value enhancement.

Outside of his professional life, Russ is a dedicated family man and an avid sports enthusiast. He cherishes time spent gardening at his home in Butler-Tarkington, playing basketball, and enjoying life’s moments with his wife, Kathleen, and their two children, Liam and Elise. Whether he’s on the court or in the office, Russ’s commitment to excellence and his ability to foster strategic growth are evident.

At Lockstep Realty, Russ Ford is more than just a CFO; he is a cornerstone of our leadership team, driving financial strategies that bolster our mission and enhance our real estate services. His profound understanding of finance and real estate investment continues to propel Lockstep Realty forward, making it a beacon of innovation and success in the real estate market.

Favorite local spot

The JCC pool in the summertime, Hinkle Fieldhouse in the wintertime, BODHI anytime of the year for dinner, Blue Mind for coffee, and Circles Ice Cream for dessert!

Fav hobby

Gardening and working in the yard, playing basketball, and doing puzzles


Sochi, a yellow lab mix. She joined our family during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Weekend Activity

Friday Noon Ball at Broad Ripple Park Family Center and playing outside with the kids


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