Daniel Leeper

Realtor® / Broker / CRO

Daniel Leeper's ascension to Chief Revenue Officer at Lockstep Realty is a narrative of strategic innovation, unwavering commitment, and deep-rooted values. Transitioning from a high-pressure environment as a TV news producer to the dynamic world of real estate, Daniel has seamlessly woven his knack for storytelling and anticipation of trends into the fabric of Lockstep Realty’s growth strategies.

In steering Lockstep Realty's vision, Daniel infuses every strategy and interaction with the essence of our core beliefs. His approach to leadership is characterized by a diligent work ethic, reflecting the principle that excellence is achieved through persistent effort and dedication. This commitment ensures that our team not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of the real estate market.

Daniel's belief in the significance of every transaction goes beyond the financial aspects, embracing the opportunity to enrich our clients' lives. His strategies are crafted to elevate the client experience, ensuring that each engagement adds lasting value and fosters genuine satisfaction. This philosophy of looking beyond the transaction underscores our approach, setting Lockstep Realty apart in a competitive landscape.

At the core of Daniel’s ethos is the importance of relationships. Drawing parallels from his love for basketball and baseball, he recognizes that like in sports, success in real estate comes from teamwork, trust, and the strength of connections. His admiration for the resilience and dedication of athletes like Frank Thomas mirrors his approach to building and nurturing relationships within the real estate community.

Balancing his professional achievements, Daniel’s life is richly enhanced by his roles as a husband to Stephanie and father to Benjamin. These personal joys offer him a profound understanding of the value of home and community, further driving him to ensure Lockstep Realty operates with integrity, empathy, and a client-focused mindset.

Under Daniel’s guidance, Lockstep Realty thrives, merging innovative practices with a steadfast commitment to the values that define us. His leadership not only propels us forward but also reinforces our commitment to excellence, integrity, and the belief that true success is built on hard work and meaningful relationships.

Favorite local spot

Goldleaf, Amelia’s Bakery, Bohdi Thai, Bluebeard and Inferno Room

Fav Hobby

I am a father to Benny and a husband to Steph. Live music fills my cup. Snowboarding out west helps with my thrill-seeking. As a family, we love to explore Indianapolis and all the food/drink/activities our city has to offer.


We have Rufio and Ludwig

weekend activity

As a family, we spend a lot of time getting weekend brunches + the Children’s Museum. We are also very active in a book club that meets the third weekend of every month. Independently of to-do with Ben, we spend a lot of time at the HiFi, White River Amphitheater or exploring the robust food scene. I am all-things Midtown and try to shop ‘local’ as much as I possibly can, connecting w/ business owners on a personal level.


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