Alex Montagano

CEO/Lockstep Realty Owner
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Trailblazing Real Estate Visionary & Dedicated Family Man

From his initiation into the real estate realm in 2012, Alex Montagano has consistently emerged as a pillar of dedication, innovation, and leadership. A proud graduate of Butler University, where he balanced rigorous academics with competitive baseball, Alex's spirited approach has become a cornerstone of his real estate journey.

During his tenure at RE/MAX Legends, Alex made an indelible mark, clinching accolades such as the Rookie of the Year in 2014 and subsequent recognitions with the 100% Club and Platinum Club awards. These early successes paved his pathway to launch the Montagano Real Estate Group in 2016, anchored by the belief that true achievement hinges on hard work and genuine relationships.

In 2018, a strategic move to eXp Realty catalyzed unprecedented growth for Alex and his team. eXp’s innovative and collaborative platform allowed Alex to amplify his client-centric approach, bringing unparalleled success to him and the entire Lockstep Realty team.

Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of the industry, 2022 heralded the transformation of Montagano Real Estate Group into Lockstep Realty. But this rebrand was more than a name change; it underscored Lockstep's core values: Do The Work, Relationships Matter, and Beyond the Transaction. It's a commitment that resonates deeply, ensuring every transaction is more than just business—it's a lasting bond.

While Alex's professional accolades are commendable, his role outside of work is equally important to him. Alex is not only a dedicated real estate magnate but also a heartwarming family man. He stands as a loving husband to Maureen and exudes immense pride as a father to his twin gems, Michael and Willa.

In the confluence of changing technology and timeless values, Alex Montagano stands firm, believing that whether it's a handshake or an emoji, genuine connections remain invaluable. With Alex at the helm, Lockstep Realty promises to not only meet but exceed expectations, walking hand in hand with clients every step of the way.

Favorite local spot

Restaurants would be Bluebeard, Union 50/Livery, and Delicia for dinners out! Coffee shops would be Hubbard & Cravens at 49th and Penn for the social scene or Chalet for a quiet work meeting!

Fav hobby

Traveling with Maureen, exercise, watching a good tv series, spending time with family


Father to Tuxedo the cat.  Maureen made me do it when we met but now I’m glad she did!

Weekend Activity

Date nights with Maureen, time outside with the kids, an occasional Colts game!


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