Kristen Nelson

Realtor® / Broker / COO

Kristen Nelson: Chief Operations Officer at Lockstep Realty - Cultivating Excellence

Kristen Nelson, the Chief Operations Officer at Lockstep Realty, has swiftly become an integral part of our leadership, blending professionalism with a personal touch that’s truly unique. Her journey from a fitness professional and stay-at-home mom to a pivotal figure in real estate since 2020 showcases her adaptability and dedication to supporting our team and clients.

As the "culture queen" of Lockstep Realty, Kristen excels in creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered. Her transition into real estate, initially in an administrative capacity, was marked by a rapid ascent, fueled by her passion for facilitating a positive and productive work environment.

In her capacity as COO, Kristen leverages her exceptional organizational skills and client-centered approach to enhance our operational efficiency and service quality. Her hands-on leadership style and deep understanding of the real estate market drive innovation and ensure Lockstep Realty remains a trusted partner in the industry.

Outside of work, Kristen’s life is enriched by fitness, exploring Indianapolis, and spending quality time with her daughter from IU. These personal passions mirror her professional ethos—centered on growth, care, and community.

Kristen’s influence at Lockstep Realty transcends her title; she embodies the spirit of excellence and innovation that guides our operations, making us not just a team, but a family committed to setting new benchmarks in real estate service.

Favorite local spot

Italian House in Westfield, or on a beautiful sunny day you might find me on the Plaza in Midtown Carmel with a beer from SunKing

Fav hobby

Fitness – working out for myself, and helping others through Group Fitness Classes, or 1:1


Dogs are the only way to go! Haha! As an adult I’ve always had larger dogs, mostly labs. My current lab is 8 and still acts like she’s 2. I would love to have a Bernese Mountain Dog at some point.

Weekend Activity

Just about anything with people. Going out to eat, visiting a festival, going somewhere with live music.


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